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Site Translating



I had the idea to try and translate my site into Japanese! I have a good amount of Japanese followers online, so I figured, why not try to translate my site? No idea how long this will take, but I hope it turns out really well!


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk review


So, I played Bomb Rush Cyberfunk this weekend!

It was pretty fun! The only part I'd say that WASN'T fun were the crew battles. They just felt super tedious. I'll be honest, the story felt like it had 20 different plot twists, which was a little confusing to follow, but it definitely exceeded my expectations!

Overall, I'd say the game is a 9/10 from me! It was pretty good, just hate that the crew battles killed any sense of new save file replay value for me.


Fun thing I learned today!



Today I figured out how to extract .png files from pop'n music's .ifs files!

I was messing around with MZD's .ifs files and I managed to grab a bunch of his BEMANI Academy sprites! mzd sprite mzd sprite mzd sprite mzd sprite mzd sprite mzd sprite
He's such a goober, I love him so much.

If you check around the homepage, I've added some stuff, and I've also added a secret page link to it! Try to see if you can find the page!


PSA to those with a modded Wii U!


I will definitely put this on my Splatoon shrine page too, but I figured it'd be more accessible if I put it here.

If you have a modded Wii U and have the old Pretendo RCE exploit patches for Splatoon and MK8, I recommend deleting them from your SD card. Aside from them being useless now, they actively prevented me from booting up Splatoon while using Aroma after updating the game. Figured I'd just write something for anyone that might struggle with this issue, just like I did.


Why I made this site!


Hi! I'm Sango. I'm the creator of this site. I've always liked making things (I am an artist after all), and a website seemed like a really cool project! I originally made my site in 2022, but I've redesigned it many times. I hope everyone will enjoy my site as I try to make it the best I can!

You can view my to-do list on my about page, if you want to know what some of my goals are!