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Hey! Welcome! I'm Nikki!
nyami (sunny park)mimi (sunny park) You can find whatever I'm up to here!

Sit back and relax for a while! Maybe you'll find something you like?

【My neighbors!】

mimi (sunny park)
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mzd (sunny park - blood metal)
  • 5/22/24: New diary entry and gamesroom update

  • 5/15/24: Condensed diary pages into one

  • 5/13/24: Small site changes

  • 4/29/24: Some general site cleanup, nothing too big of note.

  • 4/18/24: Added more neighbors, some new art, and edited about page.

  • 4/14/24: Site Archives page added

  • 4/6/24: More info added to About

  • 4/5/24: Added more images to collections. Also made a new pop'n themed site button.

  • 3/28/24: Character hub created

  • 3/10/24: Added new neighbor buttons!

  • 3/8/24: New DSring index layout, and edited splash page

  • 2/18/24: Cleaned up and updated some CSS and HTML

  • 2/17/24: Collections has been uploaded

  • 2/16/24: Added the diary

  • 2/14/24: Changed some gameroom stuff

  • 2/11/24: Added more games to the gameroom

  • 2/6/24: Fixed image links that were broken from moving images to different asset folders

  • 2/5/24: New splash page design! Wanted it to match the rest of the Sunny Park theming I've got going on here lol

  • 2/3/24: Some homepage changes

  • 2/1/24: February 2024 art page is up!

  • 1/29/24: New 404 page design!

  • 1/22/24: Welcome to ikaroll V3!

sunny park title