I recommend opening each piece in a new tab to see the full art

lineless headshot of mzd from pop'n music
lineless headshot of smile from pop'n music
art of a squid and octopus from splatoon
lineless headshot of agent 4 from splatoon
fullbody of beika from splatoon
fullbody of chai and 808 from hi-fi rush
fullbody art of agents 3 and 8 from splatoon
fullbody art of gumi from vocaloid
halfbody of agent 3 from splatoon
fullbody of shiver from splatoon

flipnote animation of vibri from vib ribbon
swapdoodle drawing of marie from splatoon
swapdoodle drawing of nyami from pop'n music

DIY pop'n music controller!

picture of a homemade pop'n music controller