About me :)

Yo. I'm Mako (or Sango).

I like to draw and skateboard, and I also like virtual pets and old video games!
I'm a HUGE nerd when it comes to old video games, ESPECIALLY the consoles! My favorites are by far the original Xbox, the Wii U, and the DS! three

You can see old archives of my site here

My first experiences with HTML was when I used to use Toyhouse a lot back in middle school (so...2018 or 2019, I think), and while I knew NOTHING about HTML at the time, I soon learned some little tidbits that actually helped me with this site! I'm not good with CSS (hence why I use a modified version of an existing layout), but I am learning more about it by the day.

Mii Things

mii qr code for 3DS and Wii Umii preview