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Let's go. I got more pop'n merchandise comin in. I got a free ticket for konakure from the e amuse app (It's a login stamp campaign. If I log in, I can get free play tickets), and I won one of the UniLab blankets!

I'm probably going to try and get some of the pop'n and sdvx buttons, since those are still in stock. Wish they'd restock the UniLab mimi and nyami + mzd acrylic standees, though...


Guess who got to go back to round1 today!

I really really wish the closest round1 to me wasn't 2 hours away, because I really enjoy being able to play all of my rhythm games there. I got to play more Sound Voltex, after not playing it for a while. Playing Dancerush and DANCE aROUND was also pretty fun. One day...Indiana will get a round1, or I'll end up moving somewhere with a round1, and I will be happy.


It's my second day out of high school. I've been catching up on some games, trying to clear out some of my backlog before I start playing more games lol. My games page is going to get an overhaul in the next while, since I'm starting to dislike it's layout.


I've got 3 more days of high school...part of me is conflicted on how to feel. At least I'll have time to work on my site this summer, before college starts...


Guess who forgot to write in here again lmao

I bought a DSi on Saturday! I really enjoy using it, and I'm happy I found one for $34 (pretty cheap for a Nintendo console ngl). I also want to get back into playing Splatoon regularly, since I rarely touch it nowadays lol.

I'm in the last stretch of 12th grade, and I'm almost free...I may not update the site for a bit to focus on school work, or at least no heavy updates. Once school is done, I'm planning on doing some major overhauling of some things :)

I wonder if I should change my diary theme to something that isn't Lapistoria...maybe in June...


The storms here in the good ol' midwest are starting to be dumb again. Happened last year and it's happening again this year where we have small tornado threats. Woke up in the middle of the night from it HAILING outside my house.

I've been in some really bad pain lately with my foot. It might just be bad shoes, but god. It hurts to walk and stand. I really hope it's just shoes and nothing else.

I'm going through some Sonic brainrot right now, and I'm a little tempted to change my site theme too, but I don't really wanna get rid of the Pop'n theming, since I finally found a site theme I really like orz


I feel like April Fool's day isn't really...a thing around me anymore? At least not during school. Which is odd. You'd think high school would be the PERFECT place to prank people. Anyways, I'm sick of the pranks. It's not really a super funny day online at least (it's all just people spreading misinformation that could genuinely be exciting but then it's all just "oh lol it's fake"). Maybe I'm just too grumpy nowadays...


Time flies wayyyy too fast. At least it's felt like that for me lately.

I'm almost done with my Splatoon shrine. Just gotta finish my Splatoon oc pages, and it'll be done. Having to make art for those pages is gonna be annoyinggg, though. I also started working on general oc pages, too. I'd prefer to have my character info here too, instead of solely on toyhouse, since I don't update it super duper often.


Ok, I'm back from my trip. I think I'm tired of Disney World at this point lol. I found ONE piece of Oswald merch I didn't already have >:(. How am I supposed to grow my Oswald shrine if they don't make stuff of him? I'm quite exhausted from coming back home, and it's late, so this is gonna be short. I'll get back to working on my site tomorrow :)


Oh I just...completely forgot to write in this thing lol.

We're heading off to Florida later, for spring break vacation. I can't wait to just sleep on the plane.

I bought some really cute Sonic and Shadow keychains on etsy the other day, and I've just been waiting for them to get here. I've wanted them since February last year, and I'm finally getting them :)


It's finally March, which means I'm just closer to graduating high school, and getting outta there! May 20th...please just get here already...

I really really like my new drawing monitor, I just wish it came with a stand. Huion is selling the stand for $60 though. A little too expensive for me at the moment. I really hope I can get a stand soon, at least.


I got a new drawing monitor today! It's a Huion tablet, just like my other one. I'm getting used to drawing directly on the screen pretty well! Hopefully this will help me get back to making more art in March lol


How is February almost done already?

I've been so focused on updating other pages I keep forgetting to write here.

To add onto my first entry, I started playing Side Order, and I'm currently trying to beat the last few palettes I have to do! It's been a very fun DLC so far, I'm having a blast with it. I also did beat Stray. And I cried. The cat game made me cry. A game hasn't been able to do that in years.

If nobody noticed the update on my neocities profile the other day, I started to remake the Splatoon shrine! I have a lot more pages to finish, but at least there's some progress being made! Figured I'd work on that one first because the Pop'n shrine...that'll take forever to finish with how many ideas I've got for it.


Today was pretty quiet. Went to the mall to exchange a shirt for a different size at Hot Topic (bought it but whoops, it was a tad bit too small). Got a cool DDR shirt while I was there, though.

I also went to a fabric store to buy some cotton brown yarn to make the hair for the MZD doll I'm making. I'm worried the hair will be too difficult for me to work on, but who knows? It might turn out well.

I've been chatting on misskey servers a lot lately, and god, it's so refreshing how much more positive and nice everyone is compared to English-speaking twitter. It's so much calmer, and I've already made at least one good mutual there.


First diary entry here wooo

Figured i’d make a diary that’s separate from my blog, and leave that for site updates and announcements. this is just for my stupid rambles.

Life hasn’t been super eventful for me lately. it’s been the same old, same old. I’m really excited for the Splatoon 3 DLC to release next week, but c'mon. It’s my normal “get a game and play it” routine. I also finally started playing Stray the other night. I bought it back in…what? December? I just kinda had it installed on my laptop, sitting there unplayed. It’s pretty good so far, bit of a slow start though.

I've also been working on some pages behind the scenes, believe me, some new stuff WILL come. When it will release, though, I cannot tell you.